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Wardrobe Doors

General Information

Our glass wardrobe doors are installed using the superior V-glide system. This is a gliding system that provides durability and strength. All wheels are fully adjustable. The wardrobe can be fitted wall to wall or with colour co-ordinated end panels. Our wardrobes can also be installed with standard cornice or bulkhead to suit your individual project. Our tracks and door frames come in a range of colours. Selecting a wardrobe door to match your own personal design style is easy with the help of one of our consultants. You can choose from a range of colours for the sleek aluminum frame and matching track as well as selecting from panel options including safety mirrors. Sliding doors are the perfect choice where space is at premium.

Styling Options

Mirrored sliding wardrobe doors come with a wide range of styling and personalisation options and come in almost every shape and size you can possibly imagine. For example, users can personalise the colours and finishes of tracks and panels, likewise, you can choose from a vast array of mirror styles, glass, decorative mirrors, frameless mirrors, coloured glass, shaded glass or a combination of styles to suit your room and taste.

Multiple Uses

Since mirrored sliding doors tend to be stylish they can therefore be used in multiple areas of the home or office and fit right in. A mirrored sliding door is notorious for making smaller rooms appear bigger than they actually are. Unlike hinged wardrobe doors, sliding mirror doors provide easy access through a single door width without having to open and shut multiple doors to reach various objects.

Maximize Space

Maximised space is one of the most well known benefits of a mirrored sliding wardrobe door because they don’t open inwards or outwards like a standard door would. This means that you can make the most of the available space in your bedroom, living room or wherever you choose to have the furniture placed whilst saving necessary space for other furniture.

Maximize Storage

Unlike regular wardrobes, you can make full use of all the space in your wardrobe for storage with mirrored sliding doors. For example, if you have a wardrobe that is built directly into the wall and attached from the floor to the ceiling, the wardrobe interior could be organised into a fantastic storage solution with hanging rails, shelves, boxes, racks and drawers.

wardrobe doors
mirrored sliding wardrobe door

To complete the look of your bedroom, a set of quality manufactured wardrobe doors may be just what you are looking for. Frameless mirror doors make your bedroom look and feel wonderfully spacious. Our team can custom produce sliding wardrobe doors to meet your individual requirements. Even if you have a unique sized wardrobe we can custom make you the perfect door to fit. Our wardrobe doors are manufactured to impress and should find a place in the modern decor of a home. Our sliding wardrobe doors are available in a number of finishes including mirrors. The door and finish you choose will depend on the existing look of your bedroom and your budget.

If you’re after something stylish, versatile, and contemporary which creates a statement then you really should consider mirrored wardrobe doors. Installing wardrobe doors allows you to upgrade your bedroom without having to splash out on new furniture. Ostek Glass & Aluminium supply mirrored wardrobe sliding doors that are a great, cost and space effective solution for any home, providing a clean, minimalist and fashionable finish which looks stunning in any room setting.