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General Information

Mirror splashbacks are extremely popular in kitchens as they open up the area and are stylish and sophisticated. At Ostek Glass & Aluminium, we offer a number of quality mirror finishes. Our mirror splashbacks are made from thick toughened glass ensuring they are heat resistant and therefore suitable for use behind the cook top. Traditional people overlooked the importance of using kitchen splashbacks as a feature of their kitchen. With the introduction of glass splashbacks, they are now becoming an integral part of current designs. Glass has become the preferred splashback medium for designers and DIY renovators alike with an infinite range of colours and unparalleled custom design, nothing else can compare to the versatility of glass.

Heat Resistant

If you cook for hours and your glass splashbacks are exposed to heat for the entire time, it will be just fine. Heat will not change the shape or colour enabling you to enjoy worry free cooking. Our glass splashbacks are about 5 times stronger than normal and the toughened glass we use will never crack. Our splashbacks are installed using the highest grade of glazing silicone available.

Easy To Clean

Being very sleek and flat, glass splashbacks are very hygienic and incredibly simple and easy to clean. No matter how enthusiastic your cooking techniques might be, when it comes to cleaning up afterwards all that is necessary is to give your splashbacks a quick spray and wipe. You do not need to spend more money on cleaning substances in normal cases. This is practical and very convenient for people who love cooking.

Luxurious Look

Being clear and bright, glass splashbacks contribute a luxurious touch to your kitchen. It looks like you have spent a lot money when really you haven’t. Glass splashbacks reflect your kitchens light well. You will have less shadow and you will also get a lighter kitchen without adding any further lighting systems. A good splashback will fit with the room’s aesthetics and reflect the homeowner’s personality.

Replacing Old Splashbacks

Replacing old splashbacks with ones using glass is only a small job. However, this simple change will make a huge impact on your kitchen. Splashbacks are more than just a feature in the kitchen now as they protect your walls from spills, splashes of food, water and oil. Our splashbacks can be cut to size and also come in a variety of different sizes. This touch will change your kitchens look into a more classy and elegant one.

glass splashbacks

Splashbacks are the sleek and contemporary alternative to ceramic and glass tiles. The clean lines, colour options and brilliant high gloss finish will make any kitchen shine. Not only do glass splashbacks look incredible, they are also very practical. Kitchen glass splashbacks offer a seamless and modern product that can be manufactured in many colours. No modern kitchen should be without a stylish, practical glass splashback. We use innovative, leading materials to create glass kitchen splashback solutions to meet the style, form and budget of your kitchen. All of our glass kitchen splashbacks are made from toughened glass and meet all Australian safety standards.

These days, you can hardly find a home or business without splashbacks. This is because aside from being functional, splashbacks can at the same time greatly increase the look of the area where they are installed, which is usually the kitchen. Because of how they dramatically alter the look of any place, they are now used not just for the function of protecting the walls but also as an aesthetic enhancement. Give Ostek Glass & Aluminium a call for the latest trend in splashbacks and you will really be amazed.